20 Things to grab before get in married

Now when I see the calendar, aiyark only one month left to get in up for new semester =.=”. I swear if I already get the little business sooner, i won’t continued next semester, for me just waste my time. Please don’t say your opinion, this is my space.. just have a read what i mention.lol

Okey and alright, what to do before getting married?

Em, maybe 20 have alot. i just listed 10 from 20..

  1. Maybe finishup my diploma, 2 semester left plus partime business. i said maybe because, i can get out anytime if i have other better options out there..
  2. Income salary atleast but not less RM3000 per month to RM5000 per month from my business. i tak harap pun kerja makan gaji. huh!
  3. Have ilmu agama yang tinggi sedikit berbanding masyarakat biasa yang jahil agama. huhu. *statement boleh buat orang marah*. kerana senang nak bimbing diri sendiri & bakal isteri & isteri. huhu..
  4. Finding a good friends, for good  futures. Maybe one day i need them for my kakitangan kerja dalam syarikat. kan, kan? hehe
  5. Removes all my bad attitute, as soon as i can la.. maybe not 100% atleast 90% la kan?
  6. I can support my family finance.. beli barang dapur, bantu sesikit benda lain. okey la tu kan kan?
  7. Have a one car like Saga BLM Auto, black or white colour.. H-Line.. i like this car because 1300cc, save petrol laa..
  8. Going more matured, more style..
  9. Mantapkan bisnes sekarang, kembangkan lagi.. in silent.. not loud..
  10. Wanna be a successfull muslim entrepreneur in malaysia.. inshaAllah..
10 already listed should be enough la..

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